Pairing: Hogwarts!Brittana

Rating: PG-13

“San… Santaaaanaaa…” Her name was spoken softly against her ear and she groaned, an arm lifting to fall across her eyes.

“Go ‘way,” she mumbled in reply, but the words only earned her a tiny giggle and soft kisses to her cheek and forehead and the fingertips covering her eyes. It made her want to smile. The feeling was an unfamiliar, and had they not been alone in the room meant for seventh year Hufflepuff girls, there was no way she would have given in. But they were so she did, cracking open an eye as her lips curved and she focused on the smiling blonde hovering over her. Brittany’s hair tumbled down around her shoulders, golden curls against pale, freckled skin that Santana had just spent the past couple of hours worshipping. Her blue eyes were half-lidded with sleepiness, ready to fall shut again once Santana was safely on her way back to her own bed. “Hi.” She whispered the word, her hand lifting to cup the back of Brittany’s neck and draw her down into another kiss.

Brittany giggled again against her mouth, tugged playfully on her lower lip before pulling back. “You need to get going, miss let-me-slytherin-to-your-bed.” Both of them were staying at the castle for Christmas break and they’d figured it was the perfect time to sneak around. Brittany had a family to go back to, of course. A huge family who were all no doubt disappointed she hadn’t gone home for the holidays, but… There was Santana and Santana was alone. So she had stayed. “Before Tina gets back.” Oh yeah, Tina. Santana had kind of forgotten about the quiet hufflepuff.

“Mmkay.” She stole another kiss, lingered over it before standing and slipping back into her house colored shirt. Quickly she did up the buttons, her eyes drifting back to Brittany. Already the blonde was snuggled in where she’d just been laying, eyes closed and arms locked around her pillow. That smiley feeling came back as she sneakily slipped open the blonde’s trunk, snatching up a pair of her clean underwear. The dolphins and hearts were so Brittany, she thought as she slid them up her thighs, then tossed her cloak around her shoulders. Her outfit for getting here had been whatever she could grab and it really wasn’t a good match but…

When she looked up again, Brittany was watching her with a smile and she felt the heat creep up her neck. “Shut up,” she muttered instantly, but she darted forward for one last kiss before quickly leaving the room. It didn’t take too long to get to the Slytherin common room. She pretty much jogged there, wary of being seen in her less than dress code outfit. As soon as she had gone through the dungeon entrance, she returned to her room and made sure she was alone before dropping the cloak on top of her trunk. Small fingers curled around the bottom of her shirt, lifted it so she could look down at the cute print on Britt’s underwear.

That was when she saw the words scrawled across her belly, written upside down so she could read them easily looking down at them as she was. I love you! No doubt Brittany had scrawled it there after she’d passed out, amused by her comatose sleeping habits. Santana bit her lip, reached out to hesitantly touch the I. God, the hufflepuff was so fucking cute.

And as soon as their seventh year ended, Santana was going to fucking marry her.

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